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Get Added Revenue Generating Homemade Panetones

Make and Sell Homemade Panetones working in your own home subsequent for your loved ones and complement your Revenue with earnings as much as US$ 1,000.00!

Plan Content
My name is Thais Mello, creator of Make-and-Sell School, instructor and entrepreneur in the home!
I understand that in most cases a single source of cash flow is just not ample to meet the demands of the residence.

Therefore, my life goal is usually to assist as a lot of people as you possibly can possess a source of extra earnings, functioning at your home, alongside the household, and turning into self-reliant.
On this course you are going to find out how to create and Promote TASTY AND SOFT PIESTERS!

You can find More THAN sixteen VIDEOULAS WITH STEP-BY-STEP!

Check The complete GRADE OF CLASSROOMS:
Module 01: Homemade Panettone
• Making the ideal Dough: Element 01
• Generating the perfect Dough: Element 02

Module 02: Producing the Fillings
• Nest Milk Brigantine Filling
• Brigadier Filling
• Nutella Cream Filling
• Chocolate Ganache Filling

Module 03: Stuffed Panetones
• Chocotone from Ganache with Strawberry
• Chocotone from Nest with Nutella
•    Chocotone truffled
• Well-Married or Sweet-milk Panettone
• Bis and Conventional Panettone

Module 04: Mini Panetones
• The best way to Make Panetones in the Pot
• 100g Mini Panetones

Module 05: Pricing
• Learn how to make use of the Pricing Worksheet

BONUS: The best way to Sell
• Facebook: Creating a Product sales Webpage
• Facebook: The best way to Market Totally free in Groups
• Facebook: The best way to Boost Your Income with Paid Ads
• WhatsApp: Generating Groups for Sales

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